There’s good news for all us eco conscious Starbucks lovers. They are ditching the non reusable plastic straws for good and not only in the US. Yes, they are doing the same in the UK! They pledge to ditch them all by 2020 and will be replacing straws with a sippy cup style lid. Starbucks are really upping their eco friendly game with another big change…

Starbucks Sippy Cup Lids


Starbucks 5p Cup Charge

Starbucks recently trialled a 5p charge on takeaway cups in 35 Starbucks branches across London. Which showed a 126% uplift in the use of reusable coffee cups in the trial branches. Because of this promising result, they are now rolling it out to all of their branches in the UK. Don’t worry, those of you who already use reusable coffee cups, you will still be able to claim the 25p discount they offer.

As well as the changes being really good, for the effort in reducing cups, ending up in landfills. As most takeaway coffee cups can’t be recycled. Monies raised by the 5p levy will be going towards projects that reduce plastic pollution in the UK.  


In other Starbucks News

If you work in the NHS, UK emergency services, or armed forces you can now get 10% off your Starbucks hit. To say thank you, to all of you, for your service. Starbucks teamed up with Blue Light Card and Defence Discount Service to offer this special discount. And guess what? It’s permanent!


Want to up your eco credentials and ditch more single use plastic? Here are 6 products for you…


Homyl 5 Pieces Rose Gold Stainless Steel Drinking Straws

Style up your eco credentials with these rose gold drinking straws. I have these in silver and can recommend them 100%. Just make sure you get a straw cleaner. As they aren’t the easiest thing to clean.

Reuseable Rose Gold Straws


Balhvit Water Bottle

This water bottle basically has a million and one uses… water, energy drink, coffee, tea, soup… Perfect to pop into your bag and keep your water cold and your hot drinks, well hot.

Balhvit Water Bottle


Ecoffee Cup

Everyone should have a reusable takeaway cup like this. Perfect size for your morning, lunchtime, and early afternoon Starbucks.

Ecoffee cup


Pink Be There In A Prosecco Cup

So, I might have just added this to the list because I have a slight obsession with Prosecco. Still, it will fit a Starbucks Mango Black Tea Lemonade and that’s all that matters.

Be there in a prosecco water bottle


Pink Shell We Drink Slogan Cup

Replace those cold drink takeaway cups with this one. It’s large enough to go large on any drink. It looks pretty cool and will bring out your inner mermaid. Plus it’s on sale for £2.50 right now!

Shell we drink cup


Chilly’s Tumbler

It’s always good to have a second option when it comes to multi purpose water bottles. This one, similar to the first option, has lots of uses. But I think you will agree, comes in some interesting patterns.

Chills Water Bottle



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