What’s better than a Gin Tasting? A Gin and Chocolate masterclass! To celebrate London Chocolate Week 2018, yes it’s a thing, an amazingly sweet or bitter and descendant thing. Hayman’s Gin has teamed up with William Curley to put together an interactive 90-minute Gin and Chocolate Masterclass.

Sounds perfect right? Before I let you in on all the things that are going to happen at the Gin Tasting. I will tell you a bit about London Chocolate Week, Hayman’s Gin and William Curley!


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London Chocolate Week – 15th to 21st October 2018

Hardcore Chocoholics don’t need to read this section. They already know about London Chocolate Week! So feel free to scroll down. For everyone else, where have you been hiding?! It has to be one of the best weeks of the year besides London Cocktail Week!

Every year, this year is it’s 14th, the countries best chocolatiers and chocolate companies celebrate chocolate in every form. For a week in October hotels, bars, restaurants, Chocolatiers and chocolate companies put on decedent events all focusing on chocolaty goodness. So, this could be anything from launching exclusive products, chocolate meals, cocktails, talks, tastings, and demonstrations. You name it! There will be an event covered in chocolate.

The aim of the week isn’t just to give people the excuse to binge on chocolate… but in reality who needs an excuse to do that?! London Chocolate Week aims to do a lot!  It is to promote fine flavour chocolate in all its forms. To promote independent artisan chocolatiers and chocolate companies. As well as promoting the companies who work directly with cocoa farms, educating consumers on chocolate production and encouraging them to pay a fairer price for their chocolatey hits.


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Hayman’s Gin

Hayman’s Gin has been making gin since 1863. So, they know a thing or two about making a good gin. They make all of their gins, using the same method they did when they started 150 years ago. Their traditional two-day process is why all of their gins have a famously balanced taste. Making them stand out from all of the modern gins on the market today. If you make a gin cocktail using a traditional recipe and one of Hayman’s Gins. You will get a real taste of the past and how those cocktails originally tasted.

They currently have 5 different types of gins on offer. The famous London Dry Gin, which has hints of coriander, orange peel, zesty citrus, and floral notes. Is utterly refreshing! I can highly recommend it. No matter if you have a single or a double. You can still get a hit of all the notes. Just make sure you use a high-quality tonic like Fever Tree. This gin deserves it. Other gin’s they have on offer is Old Tom Gin, True English Sloe Gin, Gently Rested Gin and Royal Dock Gin.


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William Curley

William Curley is an award-winning Scottish Patissier and Chocolatier. He won the Academy of Chocolate’s ‘Britain’s Best Chocolatier’ 4 four times. So, you just know his chocolate is going to be insanely good. Before you even consider putting one of those chocolatey squares in your mouth.

The chocolatier creates delicious chocolate bars and slabs, chocolate nibbles, truffles, hot chocolate, and Easter Eggs. He has also released a few books too. You can buy all of these goodies online or in Harrods!

There are a lot of flavour choices available. Which is no bad thing. However, it can become a struggle to decide which ones to have. I can highly recommend the Spiced Gin and Praline, which has a lovely mix of a light gin taste, and a really lovely nutty praline. The Orange Marmalade which has a subtle zing to it. The Juniper and Cassis which reminds me a little of a gin due to the juniper. And finally the Blanco De Criollo.


Now, that you know a bit about London Chocolate Week, Hayman’s Gin, and William Curley, let’s talk about this Gin Tasting.


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Gin Tasting and Chocolate Masterclass With Hayman’s Gin and William Curley

The gin tasting and chocolate masterclass starts in style. Starting at6:30 pm you’ll be welcomed with a True English Gin and Tonic and a gin-inspired cake. I don’t know about you. But, I was sold, when I read… Gin Inspired Cake! You’ll then learn all about the rich and connected links between gin and chocolate. With a hands-on exploration of Hayman’s ten botanicals and William Curley’s core chocolate ingredients.

Following this, you’ll be treated to a demonstration and a delicious sampling of hand-made chocolate ganache. Are you drooling yet? I know I am! I love chocolate ganache. After sampling that chocolatey goodness you will need to refresh your palate. Which is a good job. As this is when the gin tasting will start. You will have an interesting tutored gin tasting of Hayman’s 5 gins, each paired with a matching William Curley chocolate.

If you still need more gin after the gin tasting. You are in luck. Because to finish the evening off, they will be serving up a unique gin cocktail, inspired by William Curley chocolates. I can only hope that it’s a chocolate based cocktail.

The Gin Tasting and Chocolate Masterclass is happening over 2 nights. On Tuesday 9th of October 2018 and Thursday 11th of October 2018. Ok, so it’s not exactly on Chocolate Week, but it’s a brilliant event to kick it off with.

Tickets cost £35 each and can be purchased online at www.haymansgin.com/events


Please note: This post isn’t sponsored. However, I was gifted Hayman’s Gin and William Curley Chocolates, in aid to promote this event.


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