Let’s talk about pies! I’m a lover of a good chicken and mushroom pie, especially if it has been homemade, and we all know that homemade pies are amazing. It’s the shop bought ones that lack imagination, and don’t get me started on, the unimaginative ones offered up on pub menus. Always the same old flavours, that lack that something special, and more often than not, have a soggy bottom. I think we are in need of a pie revolution, and did you know what that pie revolution has already started.

A new player into the pie revolution is Crafty Pies! They are on a mission to get people excited by pies again. And boy they are doing that! They aim to make bold and outlandish pies, that are high quality, and full of exciting new flavour combinations. Think whiskey smoked pulled pork, or perhaps, chilli beef cheese. Hmmm, how great do those flavours sound to you? They certainly sound delightful to me.

Crafty Pies were nice enough to invite me to their current pop up at The King and Co in Clapham to try out their pies and sides. Which I was more than happy to accept, being a pie lover and all. So, let me tell you all about their tasty dishes, and what you should order, when you visit.


3 Things To Order At Crafty Pies


Maple Glazed Lamb with Blackberry Crafty Pies

Crafty Pies Maple Glazed Lamb And Blackberry

Don’t be put off by this sweet sounding Crafty Pies. The flavour combination works extremely well and doesn’t come off sweet in the sightliest. I usually find lamb a bit on the dry side, but in this pie, that’s not the case. The lamb is extremely moist without affecting the pastry. The pastry is delicious by the way, it’s lighter than what you might expect, and it’s not doughy. And guess what? No soggy bottom!

Mash Mozzarella Bombs

Crafty Pies Mash Mozzarella Bombs

If you like mozzarella sticks and mash potatoes you’ll love the Mash Mozzarella Bombs. It’s a tasty combination of smoked mozzarella, mixed with paprika mash, rolled in panko crumbs, and then fried to make it a crispy delight. When you pull these bombs apart, you get that awesome melted mozzarella string, plus you get mash. Making these a really brilliant foodie invention.


Smashed Garlic And Rosemary Potatoes

Crafty Pies Smashed Garlic And Rosemary Potatoes

This is a rather large side and I would liken it to a really carb heavy salad to anything else. It has lots of smashed garlic as expected with a very generous helping of rosemary. The potatoes are boiled, maybe not boiled enough, but that could just be down to my personal tastes. I would like to see what it would taste like, if they roasted this all together, to make some really indulgent roasties.


As mentioned above Crafty Pies are currently hosting a pop up at The King and Co in Clapham and they will be there until the end of January 2019. Don’t worry if you won’t be able to make to The King and Co. Crafty Pies hosts regular pop-ups around London, as well as selling their baked goods at Street Markets, and hosting private events. Keep an eye out on their Social Media for upcoming events.


I’m Heather, Hetty is a nickname, given to me by my besties daughter. I’m a Social Media Recruiter by day and a foodie by night, weekend and any time i’m not working. My main hobby is searching London for food I find on the Internet.


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