Weekends are for long walks, good food, and time spent with friends and family. Am I right? Ideally, I like to combine all of these with a good brunch with my loved ones, and a nice long walk to burn it all off. So, when I invited to try Mare Street Market Dining Room menu, I jumped at the chance and decided to go for brunch.


mare street market interiors


Before I start telling you all about the food let’s talk about Mare Street Market itself. It’s a multi-use dining hall, I would say food hall, but that wouldn’t be right, it’s far more glamorous than that. With a Dining Room, Open Kitchen, Bar, Deli, and Pop-up shops. When you walk into the venue you are hit with a friendly buzz, of people enjoy themselves, in a relaxed environment. The decor of the venue is mixed, and you’ll find lots of eye-catching, interesting pieces such as chandlers, statues, and vintage furniture. There’s so much there, I think you can go a few times, and always find something new. Although the venue had a buzz, it wasn’t too loud, that you could have a conversation without shouting, which is surprising considering how busy it was.

The menus at the restaurants are mixed, I don’t really see the main theme in the type of cuisine they sell. As, you can get dishes such as pizza, Korean fried chicken, and lentil dahl. Surprisingly though, you won’t find a lot of sweet dishes on their brunch menu, which is a little disappointing, especially for those who like their brunch with a sugar hit. However, they do have some interesting combinations, including a brunch pizza.


Mare Street Market Crisp Pork Belly

mare street market crisp pork belly


I wanted to try something a little different for my brunch, as I knew that there wasn’t going to be that many sweet treats on the menu. As, like always, I was planning on what I was going to eat days before. I went for the Crisp pork belly, miso scrambled eggs, kimchi and charred broccoli because it’s not often you find pork belly on a brunch menu. As a massive fan of pork belly, I was extremely excited to try it, but it didn’t really live up to expectations. It was an alright piece, the meaty bits were tasty enough, but it was just missing something, that I couldn’t put my finger on. I didn’t eat the crackling, purely because it was a bit tough, and I’m a bit funny about eating really tough bits of food. The scrambled eggs were delightful, they tasted nice and buttery, and the smooth and spicy combination, when mixed with the kimchi, made it special. I can’t really say much about the broccoli, it was broccoli!


Mare Street Market Cheese Burger

mare street market burger


It’s always good to see a Cheese Burger on a brunch menu and the one on the Mare Street Market menu did not disappoint. Looking at it, it was everything you’d expect from a Cheese Burger, good quality meat, cheese, mustard, and all the other fillings you’d find in a standard burger. I only had a little bite of it, and I can confirm, that it tasted well above average. It was cooked medium rare, enough to be warmed up and taste cooked, but also rare enough, to know it was once a living creature. When I go back, I will be ordering one for myself, as I had major food envy after my little taste.


Mare Street Market Banana Bread

mare street market banana bread


As the only sweet brunch item on the menu, I had to give the banana bread a try, and I shared it in the guise of a dessert. This lightly toasted banana bread is topped with a generous helping of ricotta, poached rhubarb and honey. Even though the banana bread was really tasty, for me this sweet brunch dish didn’t really do it for me, I think it’s because there was too much ricotta. As someone who doesn’t really like cheese, I can always pick up on cheese tastes, and as there was so much of it, it really overpowered the rhubarb and honey. If I were to try this again, I would certainly ask for the ricotta to be left off, as the banana bread, was really nice, light and sweet enough, to work perfectly with the rhubarb and honey on its own.


Mare Street Market Espresso Martini

mare street market espresso martini


I have this thing and that thing is whenever I see an Espresso Martini on a cocktail menu I have to order it. It’s like ordering the original doughnut, it’s a great way to judge the quality of the place because it’s a pretty standard thing, but can easily be really good or really bad. I’m happy to announce that this is one of the better Espresso Martinis I’ve had in 2019. I know we are only in March but I have a lot of these in the past 3 months. It had the perfect balance of coffee and sweetness whilst being really smooth. The coffee hit was a perfect pick me up and made brunch a little more fun.


Verdict: Mare Street Market

All in All, I really enjoyed the brunch at Mare Street Market. I loved the decor of the place, it could have easily been a bit too much, but they’ve made it work. I know if I tried to recreate the look at home people would think I’m a hoarder. All the food I tried was good quality, there were a few things I would change, such cooking the pork belly in a way that doesn’t make the crackling so tough, and I would reduce or forego the ricotta on the banana bread. But I can’t complain about the service or the actual quality of the food itself. It was purely down to personal tastes. I really want to go back at some point, to try the brunch pizzas, or go back mid-week to try a lunch or dinner menu. It would also be interesting to see the atmosphere midweek, as I went on a Saturday at 3 pm, so there could be a different crowd during the week.


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I’m Heather, Hetty is a nickname, given to me by my besties daughter. I’m a Social Media Recruiter by day and a foodie by night, weekend and any time i’m not working. My main hobby is searching London for food I find on the Internet.


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