No trip into London is complete without a trip to one of London’s finest food markets. There’s no end of choice in London right now. There seems to be a food market on every street corner. Each of these tempting food markets has food from around the world. From delicious Paella, fresh meat or fish, piles and piles of veggie or vegan food options or decadent cakes. It will take a lot of willpower not to try everything that is on offer. With all of this choice, where do you start? I’m glad you asked! I’ve put together a list of 11 of the best food markets in London.

As they are all as good as the other. I couldn’t justify putting it in any other order apart from Alphabetical. So, without further ado here is the best food markets in London.

best food markets in london borough market

11 Of The Best Food Markets In London


Berwick Street Market – Monday to Saturday – 8 am until 6pm


Berwick Street Market is a bit of an institution and has long been considered one of the best food markets in London. It’s been around since 1778. Now, technically it’s not a full on food market. It’s more of a traditional market where you can buy a wide range of products, such as clothing, fresh fruit and veg, and flowers. But it has a brilliant street food scene. Where you can buy some amazing food without breaking the bank. There is something for everyone.

From the delights of Lord of The Wings, which offers fried, free-range chicken wings, in 5 delicious flavours. If you are in the mood for sharing, they also sell scrumptious shareable sides and sweets. Fancy a burrito? Head to Freebird Burritos, who sell Mexican-inspired flavoured burritos, which are full to the brim! Up your intake of your 5 a day, with a trip to Lillis Organics, where you can buy morish organic juices and smoothies. Want something on the healthy side, head to Savage Salad, where you can find hot and cold salads. All are made with a variety of the freshest and healthiest gourmet ingredients, to fuel the rest of your day.

This seems to be one of the best food markets in London for office workers looking for a tasty lunch.  So, it can get a bit hectic at lunchtimes. If you want a leisurely browse, I’d suggest you visit later on in the day.

Borough Market – Monday to Saturday – 10 am to 5 pm



When you think of London food markets I bet the first one that pops into your head is Borough Market. It is London’s oldest, dating back to the thirteenth century, and it’s one of London’s busiest. Don’t let the tourists put you off. As you don’t want to miss out on visiting one of the best food markets in London.

Where to start? That’s a tough one as there’s a cornucopia of gourmet goodies on offer here. There’s a heap load of the finest British produce as well as global delights. From fine cheese, freshly baked bread, cured meats, olives to pastries. That is even before we consider the street food vendors! You can grab yourself an extraordinary scotch egg, fresh Ethiopian stir-fried stews, Tuscan Porchetta style spit roast and my ultimate favourite the Spanish Chorizo Sandwiches.  

Because it’s considered as the best food markets in London this place gets extremely busy. Especially in the Summer. You’ll want to head there early, to pick up the best foodie picks, before the crowds get too overwhelming. Borough Market is closed on Sundays, which is a shame, as it would make a great stop for Sunday brunch, before a nice walk around London. The market is open on Mondays and Tuesdays but there are hardly any stalls there on those days.


Brixton Village Market – 7 days a week various times



Brixton Village Market has a vibe of its own. Located in the old covered arcade. It is fastly becoming one of London’s best foodie hot spots. The market has restaurants, bars, and shops full of curiosities. Making it one of the best food markets in London.

There are many reasons why you won’t regret making the trip south of the river. Take Honest Burger for example. They produce delicious burgers focusing on simplicity and quality. They serve up all of their burgers with morish rosemary salted chips and have plenty of affordable craft beers and homemade cocktails. You don’t want to miss out on their namesake burger.. Honest. It’s perfect in every way. If chicken and pulled pork are more your thing. You’ll want to give The Joint a try. It was the winner of best wild wing in 2015. The whole idea here is to create simple fast food with a delicious twist. Standout dishes include the Baby Back Ribs and the Slow Cooked Shredded Chicken. Coffee addicts need to head to Federation. It serves up some of the finest coffee south of the river. They have their own bespoke house espresso, as well as a rotating selection of guest coffees. So, there will be a coffee for everyone’s taste. Whilst you are there. Pick up some of the pastries or sweet treats that are provided by local producers such as the Brick House Bakery and the Little Bread Pedlar.

Brixton Market isn’t the place to go if you are in a rush. It’s really great for slow, casual dining. A great place to go to spend a relaxing afternoon with friends whilst eating excellent food.


Brockley Market – Saturday – 10am to 2pm



Another south of the river gem! There are many reasons why Brockley Market is fast becoming one of the best food markets in London. It is an award-winner don’t you know?! In all honesty, Brockley Market is a really good ‘farmers’ market with excellent street food options.

The focus of Brockley Market is to bring locally-sourced seasonal food to the residents of South East London. You can find fresh meat and fish, seasonal fruit and veg, artisan bread, and a wide selection of cheese and charcuterie. Everything you need to put together a nice quality dinner. And for dessert? There are plenty of cake options for you to choose from. If you need to pick up a spot of lunch whilst you are shopping. The street food options are varied here. You can grab a slice of sourdough pizza, a meaty burger or a vegan Crosstown Doughnut.

Brockley Market is located in Lewisham College car park. Which means that there is no parking on site. But there are plenty of reasonable spaces a short walk away. You really want to get there early. As the really good eats sell out quickly.


Crystal Palace Food Market – Saturdays – 10 am to 3 pm


Crystal Palace Food Market is my local food market and that’s not the only reason why I consider it as one of the best food markets in London. I believe, Lonely Planet named it as a must visit. So, that’s got to count for something, right?!

Where do I start with the food options?! Ok, let’s start with some essentials. You can find fresh meat and fish, seasonal fruit and veg, oils and sauces, bread, cheese and so much more. Nearly everything you need to eat well for the weekend. Stand out stalls, that I visit each weekend are Brett & Bailey. They serve up decadent sticky buns, carrot cake, peanut butter bars, doughnuts, an amazing cheesecake, as well as seasonally inspired bakes. Another stall I visit every weekend, is The Wine Scouts, Pedro sources delicious organic and biodynamic wines and sometimes gin. He has a selection of wines that are available each week, mixed with some newbies, so you’ll always find something interesting. I would highly suggest you buy a bottle of the cloudy prosecco. It’s not your average prosecco. It’s got a real mineral taste and it’s not so bubbly, as it’s shop bought counterparts. There are street food stalls, which seem to change each week, from Mediterranean delights to Middle Eastern feasts. You’ll find something scrumptious to have for lunch.

Crystal Palace Food Market is located in Haynes Lane, which is tucked behind the Sainsbury’s delivery entrance, not the Sainsbury’s car park entrance. I can’t tell you if it gets overly busy, as I usually go as soon as it opens.  I’d suggest you do the same. Purely so you don’t miss out on all of the best foodie picks.


Duke of York Square Market – Saturday – 10 am to 4 pm



The Duke of York Square Market is one of the fancier food markets in London. It is one of the reasons why I added it to the list of best food markets in London. It’s on the small size but offers delights from artisan producers from around the UK. It is on the pricier side due to the location but is well worth it.

There are food options aplenty even though it’s smaller than most food markets. You can find lots of goodies that you wouldn’t find in normal supermarkets. As well as being able to buy a filling lunch from international street food stalls. Take Dumpling Van for example. It offers up fresh handcrafted dumplings, in delicious flavours, using seasonal British ingredients. You can also get an iconic traditional British feast here too. Fish and Chips from Fins & Trotters. They won the street food vendor of the year award in 2013. Their fish is fresh, the batter is always light, and their chips crispy on the outside and nice and fluffy on the inside. People have branded their offering as a “phenomenal”. If you need to soothe that sweet tooth after a hearty lunch. Grab a freshly made doughnut from Cake Hole. You won’t find overly fancy doughnuts here. Just traditional yeast-raised ones, that have been fried, and stuffed with handmade fillings.

The Duke of York Square Market is easy to get to. It is only a short walk from Sloane Square Tube.  It would make the perfect place to take a break, after browsing the fancy shops of the Kings Road.


Kerb – Various locations and times in London



Kerb is fast becoming one of the biggest and best food markets in London. We say markets because they have 10 markets across London. All offering up different foodie options. Some of these markets are open a few days a week and others are only open on a Saturday.

With all these options it’s going to be hard to choose where to go. So, let me help you with that. Let’s start with Meltsmiths! They offer up grilled cheese sandwiches and sweet potato fries with a blue cheese sauce. Try their ‘The Classic’ which offers up cheesy goodness with onion jam. They have a spicy option called the ‘Spice Boy’ which has Sriracha and Jalapenos. You can find them at West India Quay, St Kats, and The Gherkin. If you want a  meatier option. Head to The Lambassadors! They offer up 11-hour oak smoked British lamb. You can either have it as a Pilaf or in a brioche bun. You can find them at Paddington. Now, if like me, you can’t visit a food market without chowing down on some sweet treats. You’ll want to head to South East Cakery. They offer decadent brownies in mouthwatering flavours, such as salted caramel, honeycomb, Nutella and oreo. You can find them at Kerb Camden Market.

As mentioned before there are 10 food markets to choose from. North, South, East, and West. There will be a market close to you.  


Leather Lane Market – Monday to Friday – 10 am to 2 pm



Another historical market in London. It’s been going for 400 years! This market has transformed itself from a clothing and footwear market to one of the best food markets in London. There are a few traditional stalls here but mostly you’ll find street food.

With more food choices then you can shake a stick at, you are going to find something for everyone’s tastes. You can find some excellent falafel, a bucket full of halal options, Caribbean dishes, Asian treats, Middle Eastern Delights, scrumptious pies and so much more. You’ll be looking at spending around £6 to £6.50 for a meal. Which is very reasonable for the quality on offer. Most places only take cash. So, make sure you take a lot. As there will be so many dishes to tempt you.

As the market is close to Hatton Garden, Holborn and Farringdon, office workers pop down to grab their lunch. Which means the queues get ridiculous. Especially around 12:30 pm. So head there for 12 pm or after 1 pm. The market also has the most stalls on a Friday. Which will give you plenty of choice for that Friday lunchtime treat?


Maltby Street Market – Saturday 9 am to 5 pm and Sunday 11 am to 5 pm


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Just a short walk away from the cramped Borough market is the quaint and rather picturesque Maltby Street market situated along Ropewalk, the viaduct of the London to Greenwich railway. Premises might be small but the market packs in a lot with peri peri delights from African volcano, dumplings from @gyozaguys, gooey chocolate squares from @badbrownieco and a whole array of scotch eggs at @finestfayre. When in London, be sure to check out this foodie paradise over the weekends, still not a victim of gentrification, it's one worth visiting just for the cool-kid vibes. #whati8today #maltbystreetmarket #exploreLondon #london #sihanthewanderer #eatoutsg #sgfoodies #vscofood #hungrygowhere #sipandgulp #buzzfeedfood #scotcheggs #tastyfoods #dailyfoodfeed #food52 #foodspotting #f52grams #thefeedfeed

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Some people say Maltby Street Market is better than Borough Market. This to me means it must be added to the list of best food markets in London. Best described as a calmer, paired down version of Borough Market, without all the tourists and other people getting in your way.

There’s a great mix of street food here. From sweet to savory, and goodies to stock your kitchen cupboards. I’m sure there is going to be a lot to tempt you. The Cheese Truck, that creates delicious, mouthwatering cheese melts, with the best British cheese they can get their hands on. Bad Brownie, that bake up chocolatey, caramel gooey brownies. If you need to repair the damage of said brownies. Pick up a juice from Bumpin’ Rinds! They will juice up the freshest produce to order. Or perhaps you want some gin with your cheese melt? You can get a refreshing gin cocktail made with small batch Little Bird Gin, that is distilled in London.

Maltby Street Market is a little out the way but well worth the extra walk. Not only do they serve up good food. It’s also nice and kind of insta worthy. It’s nested in the Victorian rail arches. So, you’ll get a good backdrop for those pictures.


Mercato Metropolitano – Monday to Friday 8 am – 11 pm, Saturday 11 am to 11 pm and Sunday 11 am to 10 pm



I’ve visited Mercato Metropolitano a few times now and I love it! It’s certainly to me, one of the best food markets in London. Without a doubt! It’s a massive street food hall with both inside and outside seating. Making it perfect all year round, to grab a bite to eat, with mates after work.

There are more food options here than you can shake four sticks at. Not only Italian food. They do food from all around the world. Whenever I go, I always grab a pizza. That is wood burned, made to order, with fresh ingredients. There are plenty of food stalls to grab a small batch beer or a cocktail. You can even get a cocktail in a coconut! Making you feel like you are on holiday in the middle of South East London. Now, the best place to go. Is to the gelato stall. They serve up the best ice cream that I’ve tasted outside of Italy. You have to try the chocolate hazelnut flavour. It tastes just like Nutella. The other flavour you need to try is the sesame flavour. It’s got that awesome sweet/savory taste that sesame treats have. Now, I can’t remember the names of these stalls. I feel really bad about it. But I will update this post when I next visit.

The other reason why I love this food market so much is that it has its own deli, hosts foodie events, and they have their own on-site urban garden. Their aim is to share their passion for food and to build social relationships within the community. Which I believe they are doing perfectly. The types of events they put on are anything from wine tasting to a houseplant workshop.

Mercato Metropolitano is only a short walk from Elephant and Castle train station. It’s a little out of the way for people visiting central London but it’s totally worth the extra travel time to get there.


Southbank Centre Food Market – Friday 12noon to 9 pm, Saturday 11 am to 9 pm and Sunday 12noon to 6 pm




No weekend wonder along the Southbank is complete without stopping at the Southbank Centre Food Market. There are many reasons why this is one of the best food markets in London not just because of its location. As with all the food markets on this list. The quality of street food here is amazing.

Even fussy eaters will find something to have for lunch or dinner here. There’s just so much choice. You can pick up a Burger from Woodwards Farm that focuses on high-quality ingredients to make their burgers a must have. Grab a glass of sparkling wine from Grays & Feather to go with that burger. They source the best small production sparkling wines from around the globe. Or perhaps you prefer fish? You can grab a Shrimpster, which is a shrimp burger served with salad in a brioche bun, from Shrimpy. If like me, you have a sweet tooth, you are going to want to grab some Sicilian sweet treats from Bello Gnocco.

The Southbank Centre Food Market is tucked behind the Southbank Centre. Making it nice and easy to find. It is chocker block full of foodie treats. It gets busy at the standard lunch or dinner times. So, it would be best to go for a late lunch or early dinner.


There you have it! My guide to the best food markets in London! London is bursting with food markets and it seems more and more are popping up. Which is brilliant news for us foodies. If you have visited any of these, and have a favourite food stall, please drop a note in the comments.


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I’m Heather, Hetty is a nickname, given to me by my besties daughter. I’m a Social Media Recruiter by day and a foodie by night, weekend and any time i’m not working. My main hobby is searching London for food I find on the Internet.


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