Beanies Coffee fans, flavour fanatics and coffee addicts. I have news for you! Beanies Coffee has done it again and has brought out an awesome new instant coffee. That flavour is the flavour of the season…. Pumpkin Spice.

Beanies Coffee Pumpkin Spice Instant Coffee 1

Long term readers or followers of mine, will know a little of my Pumpkin Spice addiction, and how I long for the first of September. I understand that you might think that I am basic, but when Pumpkin Spice calls, I just have to answer.

When I was looking at the different pumpkin spice products available in the U.K I came across the Beanies Coffee Pumpkin Spice flavour instant coffee. When I saw it. I let out a little scream of excitement. Ran to get my debit card and placed an online order straight away.

Beanies Coffee Pumpkin Spice Instant Coffee Review

Beanies Coffee Pumpkin Spice Instant Coffee 2

According to the Beanies Coffee website, their pumpkin spice flavour, is the perfect accompaniment to autumn days. It is supposed to give you that warm comforting feeling when the cold comes a knocking.

Considering, I tried it on a warm summer’s afternoon, I can kind of see what they are talking about. I did feel that autumn like feeling. But then again, it could just be the senses I associate with pumpkin spice, anyway.

I will say one thing, this instant coffee, isn’t going to replace my Starbucks PSL addiction. It tastes very similar, but doesn’t match it completely. It’s almost like a muted down version. Which could be down to the differences between fresh coffee and instant coffee. However, you can really taste the cinnamon and ginger. It’s almost got a festive taste to it.

I made mine using hot semi skimmed milk. I haven’t tried it using water. Purely, because I wanted to go with a latte style drink. I’d recommend that you make it the same way. As it makes it almost like the real thing.

All in all. The Beanies Coffee Pumpkin Spice Instant Coffee is a good substitute for the Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte. With a couple of weeks to go until it’s officially Pumpkin Spice season. This will keep me going!

I believe that it will be available in most of their stockists. If you can’t find it. Order online. My order came within 2 days. I would suggest buying a few different flavours while you are at it. As delivery costs £4.00. I added the Gingerbread instant coffee to my order. To cover myself for the two most important coffee flavours of Autumn and Winter.  

Order yours today at: don’t worry it’s not a affliliate link. This post’s sole purpose is to spread the Pumpkin Spiced love.

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