A few weeks back The Vurger Co invited me to come in to try their menu at their Shoreditch eatery. As a full-on meat eater, I was more than a little bit intrigued, to try their meatless burgers. I’ve tried various vegan and veggie burgers in the past but always felt that something was missing. But, these burgers or shall I say “vurgers’ are something else! Both myself and my dining companion were pleasantly surprised with what we ordered.

Before I go into a full-on review of our order I will tell you a little bit about The Vurger Co itself. They started their journey a couple of years back, with a crowd-funded pop-up in Bethnal Green. After the pop-up, they provided festival goers with plant-based burgers before opening a store in Shoreditch. They offer 4 permanent burger flavours with seasonal collabs, sides, and shakes. They even serve wine and beer!

Now, without further ado, here are 5 things you should order at The Vurger Co…


5 Things To Order At The Vurger Co


The Vurger Co Crackin Christmas Vurger

Crackin Christmas Vurger

As someone who is obsessed with Christmas food, there was no chance in the world, that I wasn’t going to try their Crackin Christmas Vurger.  The Vurger Co Crackin Christmas Vurger is made up of a patty of leek, chestnut, cranberry, apricot and Christmas spices. The patty has been coated in a crispy crumb casing. It was then topped with cranberry maple syrup sauce with red cabbage, rocket and fried parsnip. So, everything you’d expect from a Christmas burger. As you’d imagine from the crispy coating, this burger is a bit on the tough side, not a soft patty at all. Even though it’s tougher than normal patties, it was very enjoyable and works perfectly with the toppings. Personally, I would have preferred less rocket and more parsnips, but that is because I’m not a fan of rocket. The burger also comes with a bun, which was a bit too much, as the patty itself is very filling. If you get full easily I would suggest asking for no bun.


The Vurger Co Auburger



The Vurger Co Auburger is made up of a patty of Aubergine, caramelised red onion, and Tabasco Chipotle chickpeas. Topped with pickled red cabbage, tomato, gherkins, vegan cheese, and house cumin vegan mayo. Plus a bun! My dining companion enjoyed it, although a little confused, by the fact that everything was vegan when it didn’t taste it. Which certainly scores points in my book. I did try some of the Auburger, and for me, it was far too spicy. I can safely say that I had no regrets over my burger order. My dining companion also found it very filling but that could be because of this side…


The Vurger Co Mac n cheese


Mac n Cheese

Fans of Mac n Cheese will love The Vurger Co version. It is made up of vegan cheese and pasta, topped with vegan cheese shavings and garnish. This side was a little confusing, as it tastes really good, just as good as a normal Mac n Cheese, but it doesn’t actually have cheese in. The only thing that makes it different from a normal Mac n Cheese was the fact that it didn’t taste as cheesy. But, weirdly tasted of cheese, if you get what I mean. Which is always a good thing for me, as I don’t actually like cheese unless it’s melted in a burger or on a pizza.


The Vurger Co Banana Shake


Banana Housemade Shake

The Vurger Co doesn’t do desserts, but that isn’t a dealbreaker when they have shakes like this! My dining companion ordered the Banana one, as this one was highly recommended by the server. Again, this shake didn’t taste vegan! As someone who eats and drinks dairy, you can usually taste the difference between plant-based and regular milk, and this was tough to tell. Apart from that, the other good thing about this shake is that it actually tasted of bananas. It certainly didn’t taste artificial like most banana shakes.


The Vurger Co Mince Pie Shake


Mince Pie Shake

Another festive addition to The Vurger Co menu is their Mince Pie Shake. I am a massive fan of mince pies, I can’t have a pack in the house, as I will eat the whole pack by myself, in less than 5 minutes. So, this was an obvious choice for me. One of the good things about these shakes is you can make them naughty, by adding a shot of whiskey or rum. I am very proud to say, that I was apparently the first person to order the mince pie shake, with a shot of whiskey. And what a great choice that was! It worked really well. The shake flavour itself isn’t overly mince pie tasting, more of the taste of the spices that are added to a mince pie filling, but that isn’t a bad thing. The vegan whipped cream and gold stars added a nice festive touch to the shake.


Overall, I was pleasantly surprised by how good the food was at The Vurger Co. My only suggestion is to order a burger for yourself, and share a side, as the food here is really filling! My dining companion and I were really full after eating here and needed to walk it off.

As mentioned before, they have a shop in Shoreditch, but they have also opened up a store in Canary Wharf. It’s the perfect place to pop in at lunchtime, but if you are tied to your desk, you can always Deliveroo it!



This meal was gifted in exchange for a post on social media. This blog post is a follow on from the social media post and a blog post wasn’t a requirement of the exchange. It was written because I felt The Vurger Co deserved more than just a social media post.




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