Gourmet popcorn lovers rejoice! There’s a popcorn brand that’s going to blow your socks off with their inventive flavours. Want to know what the brand is called? It’s called Popcorn Shed. But you probably already guessed that by this post title!

Before I get started with telling you all about the amazing flavours let me tell you a little about the brand itself. Popcorn Shed is the first ever super-premium gourmet popcorn brand in the UK. Their focus is adding lots of texture into their popcorn, by adding nuts, chocolate, and dried fruit. The aim of adding all of these? Well, it’s to maximise the taste and enhance ‘mouth feel’. Sounds good right?! Yep! Let’s get started with those flavours, shall we?

Popcorn Shed Pecan Pie Popcorn


4 Popcorn Shed Flavours You Must Try


Salted Caramel Popcorn

If you were expecting the usual salted caramel offering here you will be delightfully mistaken. Popcorn Shed has made their salted caramel option even more indulgent by adding creamy Belgian milk chocolate. Completely moorish and will certainly soothe any sweet or chocolate cravings you might have.

Pecan Pie Popcorn

Have Pecan Pie all year round with this flavour! This box of popcorn has been covered in deliciously buttery smooth caramel, mixed with pieces of roasted pecans. As well as adding a delightful flavour combination, the pecans give this popcorn, extra crunch! I must admit this is a personal favourite of mine. I was given a small and a large pack. Let’s just say they didn’t last long.

Pop ‘N’ Choc Popcorn

As Popcorn Shed says “Chocolate makes everything better. FACT!” and I couldn’t agree more. Especially, when they smoother their popcorn with Belgian Milk Chocolate, that has been infused with caramel. Expect full on flavour, melt in the mouth chocolate, with a nice popcorn crunch. Certainly a lot better, than competitor’s powdery chocolate popcorn, that never beats any chocolate cravings.

Berry-licious Popcorn

If you’ve never had dark chocolate with raspberry before you are in for a delight! The combination is brilliant before you even add the crunch of popcorn. As with all the chocolate flavours from Popcorn Shed expect actual chocolate! Which is a whole lot more than you can expect from other brands.


2 Interesting Popcorn Shed Flavours

Before I start on this section I just wanted to clarify a few things. I am not a fan of cheese unless it’s melted on a pizza, or in a burger. So, these 2 flavours were always going to be difficult for me to judge. As a good food reviewer, I had to give them a try, but I wasn’t keen on them, however, cheese lovers might be.

Sweet Cheesus Popcorn

This is a flavour combination I have never heard of before! Popcorn Shed has mixed aged cheddar cheese with, wait for it… caramel! They call it a premium take on ‘Sweet and Salty’ popcorn. I can’t really describe what it tastes like. You can certainly taste the cheddar and can tell it’s got something sweet added to it. For me, it’s an interesting taste, that as a cheese hater, I couldn’t warm to.

Say Cheese! Popcorn

If you are a fan of cheddar cheese you’ll love this one. This flavour won a Great Taste Award in 2018. So, it’s got to be good. I didn’t like it. But, again that is because it did taste really cheesy. It reminded me of just taking a bite out of a block of cheddar cheese, but with an added crunch, of the popcorn.


There you have it! 6 Popcorn Shed flavours that are completely delicious and moorish. Plus, 2 I didn’t enjoy, but I’m sure that those who are obsessed with cheese would love. Personally, I think the price of these popcorn boxes are affordable, for the quality of ingredients and taste you are getting.

You can find Popcorn Shed in Ocado, Selfridges & Co, Harrods, Superdrug, Co-Op, John Lewis Food Hall, as well as online on Amazon, Not On The High Street, and their online shop!


I’m Heather, Hetty is a nickname, given to me by my besties daughter. I’m a Social Media Recruiter by day and a foodie by night, weekend and any time i’m not working. My main hobby is searching London for food I find on the Internet.


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